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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Let's be on a (T.V.) Show?

So we finished the extension all the windows have been replaced some even made much bigger and the lounge made from knocking through a wall is taking shape.

Is it time to sit back and do the little jobs to finish off each room we have disturbed so far and have a break from massive dust clouds and tools in strange  places.

No of course not, I was tweeting one dark evening in November when I saw a message that screamed out to me. Do you have a budget to make over your kitchen and want it to go further? Be on a TV show and have one designed for you.  I thought they mean us, Although Phil would have butted in at this point if he had been there and said,”we don’t have a budget for the kitchen and we haven’t finished what we are doing yet.”

I decided it best not to trouble him with this tweet as it may come to nothing, I also wanted to check it out as it may have been a scam, you never know. So I sent a tentative e mail to the production company, picked a figure out of the air and told them what our (imaginary) budget was.

Before I knew it I had to tell Phil we were having a visitor and to change his shirt, they were sending a researcher, to film a small audition. He looked puzzled then I had to rewind and tell him everything from the beginning, details are so boring, why doesn’t he just go with my flow?
Before would there be an after?

This guy came and took some still photos of the "old kitchen" and then he interviewed us,we talked so much we used up the battery on the camera and he had to try and finish with the camera on his phone. We had a laugh anyway and thought nothing would come of it. I was a tiny bit excited when the presenter turned out to be Nadia Sawalha. I really like her and the whole call of the greasepaint was starting to get to me. The there was a big lull a big lot of nothing after this initial buzz of activity while we waited to see if they wanted us on their show.

My lovely little car had to go
Besides the obvious excitement of being involved with new people and filming etc there was this opportunity to possibly more than double our “imaginary” budget and have the input of a  really first rate kitchen designer, Kerr Drummond, to literally create our dream kitchen. Whatever happened I was going to make this opportunity come to fruition, some financial juggling may be required but I am good at that.     

When we got the news that we would be on the show and the team were coming to do first days filming just after Christmas I was both tremendously excited and nervous, I looked at my lovely little Figaro (my little car) in the garage and decided I would have to sacrifice her for the new kitchen.

So goodbye Figaro and dark kitchen hello Hollywood!


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