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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Water water everywhere

Having the multi fuel burner was exciting but the fun was short lived as of course it wasn’t connected so not warming us and it signalled a lot of hard work ahead. Because none of the businesses who had quoted could manage to provide a quote let alone any free time to install our heating system Phil had been cramming on the internet and had declared with confidence “how difficult can it be?”

Washington, DC auto mechanic under car, 1942, Photo-2
Getting stuck in 
I had every confidence in him.  Madonna doesn’t have a thing on himHe is the master of reinvention and can turn his hand to anything  During our marriage we have had more rough times than the Flying Dutchman doomed to sail the Cape of Good Hope.  Over the years he has got us out of more hot water than a really good plumber who always turns up when called. I remember when we were first going out, his determination to solve a problem used to drive me nuts, but I realise now its one of his finest attributes. The hours he worked on his old car to fix it to save money and keep us mobile, were endless, I would have given up, so many times. If you are a bit flaky with a low boredom threshold its vital you find a partner in life who is has more tenacity. So if this applies to you set a resilience test for any prospective life partner, to see if you will make a good team in that regard. In my own defence I contribute spontaneity and excellent ideas!

He carefully explored the pros and cons of copper pipe and connectors versus plastic, he designed the system with help from our good old brother in law and together they set to work. Christmas, that false deadline was ever encroaching on us. For some reason no one showed any interest in popping to see us. I had cleared the rubble and put up a tree in the newly enlarged sitting room. The ice glistened on the tree like stars, brr!!

The dogs get to the heat first we went for the wine!
Pipes cut and laid, connections made radiators hung and waiting. The complicated, bit connecting to the burner itself, brilliantly executed, pipes on the rise to ease water flow. It looked magnificent. It was a colder than ever: Christmas Eve, we were alone together and it was time to test the system. Nine radiators around the house and the burner had to be watched, but we did it. Silence is golden, not a sound, we darted around checking everywhere and I returned to the burner and looked at it lovingly. I was just about to shout to Phil he was a star, when I thought I heard a strange hissing sound, I tried to discount it, but there it was more insistent than before. I looked closer to the side of the burner where the cruel sound was coming from and got a shot of fine spray in the eye. Blast “leak , leak,” I shouted, in all Phil had to modify and drain the system five times that night until just after midnight into what was actually Christmas morning we lit the burner and heated up the house for the first time, my hero. I know I couldn’t have kept going like he did, you know it was a great idea when I decided to marry him!


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